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    This page displays recent new functionality releases on the SureCloud Platform. Links to supporting help centre articles are also provided where available. 



    January - March 2020


    User Interface - New Styling Options

    Introduction of new styling options which enable the look and feel of any given form, questionnaire or library to be highly customised. The result being a clearer and more user-friendly user interface. Existing applications will retain their existing look and feel. Upgrade options are available via your account manager.

    Example of a form using the new styling options:




    Default Favourites


    Users can define a set of default favourite tiles, meaning all users with access to an application will automatically inherit those favourite tiles. This provides a more streamlined experience for the user when opening SureCloud, as once users login, they are automatically directed to their favourites, ensuring quick access to the application.





    "Whats New" link in the Platform

    Navigation to the “Whats New” article can be done directly from the platform rather than through the helpdesk. This is located by clicking on the “i” Icon in the top right of the page. The article displays recent new functionality releases on the SureCloud Platform.



    October - December 2019


    Filter template reports off User Name

    This functionality gives SureCloud users the ability to filter dashboards for specific users, rather than through permissions. When utilized, users will only be able to see their relevant data in the report. This provides even more layers for data analysis and can be beneficial for users that need a more specific user view on their reports.

    Quick Search (to any picker dialog)

    When selecting a picker field (either a reference, evidence or user select), a pop-up shows which contains the list of items from which users can choose from. If the item list is long enough that users need to scroll through, then users can search through these items using the search field at the top. Searching through items is much quicker with this functionality!



    Numerous Evidence Dialogue enhancements

    Various improvements have been made to evidence dialogues, such as the ability to quickly add a generic comment or being immediately able to add a file to a user’s folder. These upgrades have accelerated the process of adding evidence, while simplifying the methodology.


    Add Status Page link to in menu

    A new menu option under the i icon between “New Support Ticket” and “Help Center” called “Service Status” which provides a link to the status of the platform. This is a quick way of determining whether any complications have occurred within the past week that could be affecting end-user’s ability to operate the platform. The page also provides a detailed history of the Platform’s up-time.

    Accidental deletion of Dashboard(s)

    Users are warned before deleting dashboards with the following message: “Are you sure you want to remove dashboard [Name of Dashboard]?”. If the dashboard is published, the following message also pops up: “This dashboard is published. Any user who has subscribed to it will also lose access to it once deleted”.



    Ability to view when documents are downloaded

    As part of the Activity Log in the platform, users can view when documents are downloaded. In the Activity Log, it will show the user that has downloaded the file, as well as the time of download and the description given to that file. This means it can be seen when and which users have downloaded a file. This assures a more comprehensive account of user activity.



    A 'Back' button when drilling into Portlet data

    After drilling into Chart Portlets, users can press a back button to take them back to the original portlet. This means users are easily able to drilldown into specific datasets and return to the original chart in question by simply pressing the back button, making for quicker navigation.




    Clicking on one of these data sets will show you a direct link to the form, as well as a back button to go back to the original portlet:



    Dashboard Navigation Bar Display adjusted

    The name of the Dashboard Owner is no longer shown on the Navigation Bar. This means that users that create Dashboards will not have their names visibly associated with the Dashboard on the Navigation Bar. This creates a much clearer Dashboard name and makes it smoother for users when viewing dashboards.

    List view created for Tiles

    This is the ability to switch between a tiles view or a list view in favourites, recents, dashboards, applications or search so that an item that needs to be used can easily be found. This choice will also persist across sessions so that it doesn’t need to be reset. This enables users to view items in whichever way they feel is the most supportive.

    • Tile View


    • List View






    July - September 2019


    Support for HTML formatted emails

    SureCloud now supports sending HMTL formatted emails. This means emails generated by SureCloud applications and sent to end users can now be formatted and branded according to an organisation’s needs. These emails can include corporate logos and links to other resources as well as paragraph formatting (colour, font, size) to suit requirements.

    Update Time zone and Locale

    Organisations and users are now able to set and update their desired time zone and display locale for displaying time/date fields. This means the time zone (and all date fields) can reflect your geographic location.

    Allowing of IDP authentication requests for SSO

    Administrators can extend corporate Single Sign-On environment to include SureCloud authentication requests. SureCloud supports both IDP (Identity Provider) and SP (Service Provider) initiated authentication requests against all major identity providers. More information here:

    Enable PDF exports of Portlets/Dashboards

    Users and organisations are now capable of downloading PDFs of Dashboards, ranging from single portlets to entire Dashboards. This enables users to produce simple and clear PDF reports based off key information in Portlets, enabling distribution to stakeholders not on the SureCloud Platform.

    Scheduling and Emailing of Dashboard Reports

    Users can now configure PDF'd dashboards to be automatically emailed to defined email recipients at specific times. This means that key stakeholders can be regularly informed of programme status' through email.

    New Risk Heatmap Portlets

    Users can now report off 2 series of data simultaneously (eg Likelihood and Impact) in a risk heat map. Users can view the impact of a risk on the X-axis and the likelihood of a risk on the Y-axis, allowing for clearer analysis of risks.

    Permission Toggles for various Toolbar Functions

    Users can toggle a permission groups access to certain functions on the toolbar. This means that users’ ability to access functions, such as response history (the ability to view when a form has been modified) or inserting sections (the ability to add lines in a form) can be restricted so that Administrators can have more control over what their end-users see/do.

    Tile Display Changes

    Tile icons have been made 25% smaller, while the size of the text has been kept the same, allowing for an increased amount of space for text on the tile. Up to 3 wrapped lines of text can now be displayed in the tile description.









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