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    SureCloud User Interface Updates (Dec 2021)

    On Friday 3rd December, there will be an update to the SureCloud User Interface, to improve the look and usability of navigation Tiles. This will be a non-functional, visual change only.


    What will change?

    • Updated tiles on all tile based interfaces and tile portlets,
    • Update to look and usability of the list view,
    • Ability to set a tile as the ‘Home Page’.


    Update to Tile based interfaces



    All tiles on tile based interfaces will look as per the image above.



    The updated list view will look as per the image above. No functional changes have been made to the tile list view.


    See below for a breakdown of the new tiles:



    Updating a Tile Summary

    This update has made it possible to set and view a description for each tile. The summary can be set by selecting the appropriate menu option under the tile sub menu. The text set will be displayed in the tile for all users with permission to see that tile.



    For Applications:  Edit Application > Description

    For Dashboards: Edit Dashboard Details > Description

    For Forms: Edit Forms > Description


    Setting a Tile as the Home Page

    This update will allow users to set a tile as their home page. This setting is for the logged in user only and only one tile at a time can hold the home page position. Once set, at login time, the user will be automatically navigated to the nominated tile location. To set a tile as the Default Home, use the tile submenu and select Set as Default Home.



    The set tile can be recognised by the presence of the home icon on the tile.

    It is possible to unset a tile as the default home by either

    1. Using the tile sub menu and selecting the option Clear Default Home
    2. Setting a new tile as the Default Home.



    Tiles on a dashboard

    Tiles in dashboard portlets have been updated to reflect the new tile design system. Tiles within a dashboard portlet are streamlined to show a smaller tile with only the tile name. Their function remains identical to before.



    What happens next?

    On Friday Dec 3rd 2021, the new interface as described above will become the default when you login. No action is required and you should be able to use the platform as normal.


    If you have any questions on the above, please contact for assistance.


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