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    Creating and Publishing Dashboards

    Creating a Dashboard

    Users can have as many dashboards as they require. From the dashboards area, follow these steps.


    1. Click on Dashboards, so the full list of dashboards show
    2. Click on Create New.

    A pop-up will then appear with a few options:


    1. Choose a Name for the new dashboard.
    2. Choose which Portlets you would like to include (Pie and Bar Charts are the most common and that is why they have been chosen here - all GRC Dashboards are in the "Forms" area).
    3. Click Save.

     Once this is done, you will have the following page with blank portlets:



    Adding Portlets

    Once a dashboard has been created, portlets can be added at any time.


    1. Click on your dashboard (here it is called Example)
    2. Click on the ellipses which appear upon hover over the dashboard name
    3. Click on Add Portlets to Example


    Select the portlets you want and click Save. Before any configuration has begun, the portlet will only display "No data available". Frequently used portlets can be found in our article on Configuring Portlets.


    Publishing a Dashboard

    To share a dashboard with other users within your organisation, you can publish it.


    1. Click on the dashboard you created, here it is Example
    2. Click on the ellipses which appear upon hover over the dashboard name.
    3. Click on Publish Example.

    The same steps are taken to un-publish a dashboard.

    Note: Users that subscribe to a dashboard cannot make changes to that dashboard unless they are an Administrator or the person who created the dashboard.


    Subscribing to a Dashboard

    If you are not an administrator, you will need to subscribe to the dashboards that are relevant to you. You do this by first navigating to the dashboard area on the navigation bar, and then clicking subscribe:


    You will then see a pop-up where you can select the dashboard you would like from a drop-down menu:


    When you have selected it, click Subscribe to confirm.

    Note: If you subscribe to a dashboard, you will only be able to see information inside it if you have permission to see the underlying data.


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