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    Internet Explorer - Support End of Life


    SureCloud will no longer support the Internet Explorer web browser from June 2021.

    This means that from June 2021:

    • Customers may have a degraded experience on Internet Explorer.
    • New features may not be available or certain features may cease to work.
    • Technical Support will cease to be able to resolve Internet Explorer specific issues.

    Our customers have been using Internet Explorer 11 to access our service since 2013 however the online environment has become more much sophisticated; open web standards and newer browsers - such as Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Safari - have enabled better, more innovative online experiences. We believe our customers will benefit from this change through faster and more responsive web access.


    We strongly suggest that you begin to move your SureCloud users to use a modern web browser (as listed above) and as defined here: Supported Browsers


    We understand that it is natural for you to be concerned and so we are committed to helping you make this transition as seamlessly as possible. If you have concerns you would like to share with us please contact your account manager or email





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