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    New Tiles Interface - Announcement 1

    Good news, we wanted to let you know that your SureCloud application is getting an upgrade.


    GRC customers:

    On March 25th we’ll be rolling out a powerful, new tile-based user interface.

    This is the result of extensive customer feedback and testing.


    The new layout and interface provides a simple way of navigating around your SureCloud application(s):


    What’s improved?

    • Tile-based interface means that getting to your favourite register, form or questionnaire is a single mouse click away.
    • Easily search and create favourites for your commonly visited locations in your application(s).
    • Updated SureCloud dashboards now look clean and modern while retaining all the same powerful features.


    Learn more about what’s improved here.

    Get the full rundown of the new interface here.


    Cyber customers:

    The main difference you will notice is an upgrade to the look and feel of your home dashboards. All other functionality will remain the same. Background changes are, however, being made to set the ground work for future upgrades in the cyber area and so stay tuned for further announcements.


    What happens next?

    On March 25th, 2019 the new interface will become the default when you login. However, you will be able to revert to the classic view if you wish.

    From April 29th, 2019 access to the classic interface will be removed, only the new interface will be available.


    Is any action required?

    No. However, we recommend you take some time to familiarise yourself with the new interface via the links above.

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