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    IRAM2 Assessment


    1. Workflow
    2. Landing Page

    Individual Phases:


    Each IRAM2 assessment will consist of a landing page from which each Phase and Stage of the assessment may be undertaken by the Assessor. These stages can be completed sequentially or in parallel using the [Start] button when all the stages dependencies have been met. The workflow diagram below details all the stages and these dependencies.


    Landing Page

    The landing page provides an overview of progress on the assessment, automatically providing the date started, status and date completed for each stage. When a particular stage has been filled in to the assessor’s satisfaction, the [Complete] button will update the status and allow for any dependent stages to be available to start.

    Different facilitators can be assigned to each stage before it is created to allow subject matter experts to work in parallel on different parts of the assessment. This is optional and if left blank will automatically assume the original assessor will undertake that stage.

    Significant guidance is available within the landing page, with multiple embedded documents and links to the ISF website. Additionally, guidance is provided against each stage in the right most column, accessible when selecting the information icon.


    Item   Title    Description  
    1 IRAM2 Overview A document which describes the assessment methodology with SureCloud – this is a diagram which shows which stages and getting started forms are required for other stages to be completed.
    2 IRAM2 Methodology A document link to the full IRAM2 methodology document.
    3 ISF Website A link to the ISF website.
    4 Guidance Button An information button which shows a pop-up which provides guidance on completing the IRAM2 assessment.
    5 Phase Guidance A document link to ISF specific guidance for the phases described.
    6 Facilitator A user field where you can select which user will be facilitating the completion of that stage of the IRAM2 assessment.
    7 Start Button A button which becomes available when all pre-requisites for that stage have been completed.
    8 Stage Link A link to the stage of the assessment, which becomes available when the stage has been created by the stage button.
    9 Date Started A date which is generated when the start button is clicked.
    10 Complete Button A button where you can complete the stage of the IRAM2 assessment. This button becomes available when the stage has been created.
    11 Date Completed A date which is generated when the complete button is clicked.


    The IRAM2 assessment within SureCloud is set up to mirror the IRAM2 methodology, with 6 distinct phases. For more information about these phases, you can view the IRAM2 Methodology, which is available as a link at the top of each assessment.

    Please note that the stages of the Phases can be completed in order, from top to bottom, or concurrently where allowed. The Create button will be greyed out where there exists a dependency. For more information on this, please see the IRAM2 Overview with SureCloud attachment within the assessment overview form.

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