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    Assessment Tracker

    Assessment Tracker

    This Assessment Tracker will manage the creation and facilitation of multiple IRAM2 assessments simultaneously, providing an overview of their progress and completion.

    To start a new assessment, insert a new row and provide a Project Name and an Assigned Assessor. Clicking the [Create] button will generate the assessment which can be accessed via the assessment link in ❻.


    Item   Title    Description  
    1 Guidance An information button which gives further guidance on creating a new IRAM2 assessment.
    2 Unique ID An automatically generated unique ID for each project assessment.
    3 Project Short Name A free text field where you can give a short project name to the IRAM2 assessment.
    4 Assessor A user field where you select who will be the assessor for the IRAM2 assessment.
    5 Create A button that becomes available when the project name and assessor have been filled in, that will generate the IRAM2 assessment.
    6 Assessment A field that, when the create button has been clicked, provides a link to the generated assessment.
    7 Current Stage Calculates what stage the assessment is at. Prior to starting an IRAM2 phase, this will contain, “Not Started” – otherwise it will output which phase the assessment is currently on.
    8 Start Date This is a date automatically generated when the assessment is started.
    9 End Date This is a date automatically generated when the assessment is completed.
    10 Enable Notifications This enables whether emails will be sent out during the stages of the IRAM2 assessment.

    Once the assessment has been created in the assessment tracker, you are ready to start your assessment.

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