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    Navigating to the Document Library

    The Document Library is a place in which any document can be uploaded and stored for use within the platform, for example for use as evidence.

    Users can navigate to the library section by doing the following:

    1. From any screen in the system, navigate using the grid icon Menu_Button.PNG on the top bar to open the Applications Applications_Button.PNG

    2. Using the toolbar below the top ribbon, select Library.


    3. From this pane, you will see different windows and options:


      Item   Title   Description  
      1 Folder Explorer Explore all the folders available within your organisation.
      Files Pane Displays all files within the folder currently selected in the Folder Explorer.
      3 Reference and Versions Pane Displays all references or versions within the file chosen in the Files Pane.

      An example versions pane looks as follows:


    Adding a Folder

    To add a folder, navigate to a folder which you have permission to make changes to - to adjust these settings, contact your administrator. Each user will, by default, have access to their personal user document folder.


    • The Folder button Folder_Button.png causes all folders to expand or collapse in view.

    • The Add button Add_Button.PNG creates a new folder within the folder currently selected - users will be prompted to name this folder prior to creation.

    • The Permissions button Permission_Button.png allows users to edit different users permissions of a given folder.


    If you click to change the Permissions on your Folder you get a matrix like this:


    Clicking the symbol permissions_icon.png to the left of a User’s name will toggle the Permissions for the first six activities in the matrix between Permission for all of them, and Permission for none of them. The corresponding symbol and Action for a Group of Users (not shown in the screenshot above) is permissions_group_icon.png. Alternatively, you can click in the individual boxes to grant Permissions for particular activities.

    Some of the Permissions are implicit. For example, a User has permission for all activities in his/her own Folder even though it doesn’t show in the matrix.

    The Permission names and meaning are as follows:

    Function Description
    View Folder User or Group is allowed to View this Folder
    Create Folder User or Group is allowed to Create a Sub-Folder in this Folder
    Delete Folder User or Group is allowed to Delete this Folder
    Upload Files User or Group is allowed to Upload files to this Folder (add files to the Folder)
    Download Files User or Group is allowed to Download copies of the files in this Folder
    Delete Files User or Group is allowed to Delete files from this Folder
    View User Files Only User or Group is allowed to View the User’s or Group’s own Files Only


    Adding a File

    Users can add a file via the File Pane.


    In order to add a file, click the upload button Upload_Button.png - this will bring up the following box:


    Item   Title   Description  
    1 File Path   Informs the user which folder the file will be uploaded into.
    File Selector Opens an interface where a file can be chosen to upload from the user's computer.
    3 Initiative Drop Down   Lets users choose an initiative to create a link to.
    4 URL Lets users create a link to an external source.
    5 Short Name Gives the link a shorter name to refer to - for example, rather than the full URL, the given name would be displayed.
    6 Reference Free text field, providing a reference for the file.
    7 Description Describes the file uploaded in more detail.
    8 Tags Free text field, providing tags for the file.

    A file can be uploaded when you have chosen either a file from the file selector, an initiative or a URL - however, the more information inputted enables easier navigation when adding evidence to forms.

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