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    An Introduction to Tasks

    Tasks can be created manually by the User or automatically via “Actions” in a Form. Tasks can have a Frequency set for automation and can be created on behalf of another Owner.

    Tasks can be generated at three levels in the Platform depending on the level of granularity the User wants for tracking purposes. There is the overall Tasks Platform icon at the top of the window (see Platform Icons) which takes you to a view of all the Tasks across the Platform that you are associated with. On that screen there is an option to add a Task. There will be more on that later. Tasks can also be generated at the Form level using the Form icon at the top of the Form. (See Form icons, earlier.) The third way is to generate a Task at a Section level by using the tick-icon (the same icon as elsewhere) in the column called Tasks on the Form.

    If you want the User who is assigned to the Task to refer to a particular Form or Section in relation to the Task, then you should generate the Task from the Form or Section as appropriate.

    To navigate to tasks, please see Navigating to Tasks.

    To create a task, please see Creating a Task.

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