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    Permission Inheritance

    When using a tracker form to build out multiple drill-through forms, permissions from the tracker will be inherited by every drill-through.

    This can be set up in the following way:

    1. When viewing a tracker form, go to the permissions within the form. 


    2. Within the permissions area, add the appropriate groups and users to the tracker. For more information on how to do this see here.

      In this example, we have 1 group in Edit / Update as shown below.



    3. Create a new drill-through from the tracker by clicking the icon on the left of the form. Select Insert After to insert a new row. Fill in any relevant information to create a drill-through form.


    4. Click into the drill-through form which will be highlighted blue.


    5. Within the drill-through, navigate to the form permissions, as in step 1.

    6. The drill-through will inherit the same permissions as the tracker (i.e. the same single group within the Edit / Update permission), as seen below.



    7. The drill-through form will inherit all permissions from the tracker, although users and groups can still be added and removed from drill-through forms as normal, as explained here.
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