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    Adding navigation or action tiles to a dashboard

    It is possible to add navigation or action Tiles to your dashboard so that users of the dashboard can use them directly from within the dashboard rather than having to return to their Favourites (or similar).


    To do this simply add the "Tiles" portlet to your dashboard using the dashboard ellipses menu:





    Once added, open the Tiles portlet configuration page and select tiles that would like to appear. Use the quick search bar to rapidly find tiles that you wish to add:



    The end result will be a new portlet that displays your selected Tiles within the dashboard:



    Special Behaviour

    If your dashboard contains the following configuration it will behave in a different manner to normal:

    • A single Tiles portlet
    • A single Template Report portlet
    • No other portlets

    In this configuration, your dashboard will automatically optimise.

    The Tiles portlet will lock-in at the top of your dashboard and display full size. The Template Report portlet will lock-in under the Tiles portlet and display full screen for the remainder of the dashboard.



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