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    Welcome Emails (and how to disable)

    All new SureCloud user accounts are automatically sent a welcome email. This email is used to inform the user that they now have an account in SureCloud and to request that they set a password (if applicable). This email is sent immediately once the users account has been created.

    An example of this email is below:


    In some cases it is desirable to disable this email from being sent. To do this:

    1. Login to SureCloud and navigate to the Users tab in your Organisation Settings.
    2. Click on the email icon on the tool bar mceclip2.png
    3. Deselect the "Email" checkbox in the "Welcome Notifications" section to disable the sending of welcome emails. This will take immediate affect and all newly created accounts will not receive a welcome email.


    In order to re-enable the automatic sending of welcome emails then simply re-select this check box. This will take effect immediately.

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