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    Resource Link

    What Is It?

    A Resource Link enables you to connect your favourite business analytics or intelligence tool (Power BI, Excel, Tableau, Domo or similar) to a SureCloud data set of your choice. Resource Links are available from any portlet on any dashboard (except Classic) within the platform.

    How Does It Work?

    1. From within a dashboard, select a portlet which represents the data set you would like to make available.
    2. Click on the ellipses to view the drop-down menu and click the option Manage Resource link.


    3. Now select the period of time you'd like the data to be made available to the external application, you can select between 30 days and an unlimited time. After the time period expires, the link to the dataset will no longer be available to the external application.

    4. Click Add to create the resource URL. The resulting URL can now be used to access the data from that portlet in any external application that supports the connection to a web-based data source.


    5. To manually disable the URL before the expiry period ends, click Remove (as seen in the above screenshot). 
    Note: This resource link is live, meaning that if the data is updated in SureCloud, the data in the external application will also be updated. This update is one-way only: changes cannot be pushed back to SureCloud from the external application.


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