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    Users can configure dashboards to have graphical representations of the data held within the platform. 


    Navigating to the Dashboards Area

    The dashboard area is the landing page whenever you login to the SureCloud platform. If you navigate away, then it is easy to navigate back by simply clicking the home button Home_Button.PNG in the top-left corner of the interface. 

    Subscribing to a Dashboard

    You can simply subscribe to a dashboard that you want to see which has been shared by another user.


    1. Click on Home
    2. Click on Customise
    3. Click on Subscribe to a Dashboard

     You will then see the following pop-up:


    1. Select a dashboard from the drop-down menu
    2. Click on Subscribe
    Note: Only users who have created a dashboard have control over it, subscribing does not give you control over a dashboard.

    This dashboard will now appear next to Home and will have Dashboard_Lock.png next to the name to signify it as a dashboard you have subscribed to and not created.



    Portlet Types

    Portlets refer to the panels you can add to a dashboard. There are many different types of portlet available for the dashboard including: radar charts, pie charts, bar charts and folder navigation.








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